• Mobility Powers Business.
    UltiMeta Powers Mobility.

    Fostering innovative mobile business transformation
    across multiple industries with EASE 10x platform
  • Next-Gen Enterprise Mobile App Platform
    Accelerates "Time To Value"

    Out-of-the-box, dynamically configurable application
    reduces development time and effort by over 90%
  • Simplified Mobile App Delivery Model
    Supporting BYOD Deployment

    Configure once and deliver across
    multiple devices and operating systems
  • Flexible Cloud-based Deployment for
    Customized Enterprise Mobile Apps

    Scalable SaaS solutions deployed over
    private, public, or hybrid cloud infrastructure
Introducing EASE 10x

EASE 10x is a Next Generation mobile App platform delivering Enterprise ready solutions for company and customer workflow automation. With EASE 10x, enterprises can simplify mobile application delivery by configuring an App just once and deploying it across multiple devices.

EASE 10x Benefits

For enterprise customers, our key value proposition is the acceleration of “Time to Value” with deploying mobile application solutions. For service providers, we offer a next-gen platform for rapid enablement and monetization of cloud-based mobile SaaS offerings across multiple industries.

The EASE 10x Difference

EASE 10x provides the ultimate abstraction layer that eliminates most mobile app programming steps and thereby simplifies app development. EASE 10x is the only platform that combines the flexibility of custom software with the simplicity of packaged applications.

EASE 10x – Experience the Power of Next Generation MEAP


Mobile Enterprise applications are the lifeline of business transformation. Applications have long been created and deployed through the arduous process of coding, debugging, and testing. As a result, Enterprises are faced with a “Time to Value” problem with legacy development techniques. UltiMeta offers a breakthrough solution for this time and cost problem with the industry’s only configuration-driven application platform that enables businesses to create and deploy robust, enterprise applications 10-20 times faster than any programming-based approach.

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